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Black and brown dog in a bath licking their lips.

Professional dog grooming stylists at your service.

At our pet salon, dogs and cats receive hands-on care from the very best grooming stylists dedicated to making them look good and feel great.

Show Quality Dog Grooming Services

The Barkers Salon and Spa offers award-winning cat and dog salon grooming experience in the greater Fort Lauderdale, FL area.

Dog Show Quality Grooming

Dog Show Quality Grooming

Our professional and experienced groomers will make your pet look and feel his/her best. From beautiful show grooms to simple shave downs we can do it all. Your pet will receive a deluxe bath, blow dry & fluff, nail grinding, teeth & ear cleaning, anal gland expression, followed by the haircut of your choice, and all the finishing touches. Day care services are available for extended appointment times. Prices start at $70     

Walk-ins are welcome

Brown and white dog getting groomed.

Dog Bath

At our dog salon, the professional groomers will provide your pet a deluxe bath with natural & soothing shampoos that will refresh, condition, and revitalize your pet’s skin & coat. After their bath your pet will receive a professional blow dry & fluff, brushing, and all the finishing touches. Prices start at $25

Walk-ins are welcome

White dog licking nose while being groomed.

Dog Spa Package

Our deluxe SPA package includes teeth & ear cleaning, nail grinding, anal gland expression, trimming of the sanitary & feet/paws, and all the finishing touches. This service REQUIRES your pet to receive a bath. Price is $21 in addition to bath price.

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Puppy Bath

We love puppies! your puppy will be pampered by receiving a bath with special tear-free mild shampoo, gently blow-dried and brushed out. Price starts at $20

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Dog getting their nails trimmed.


Our groomers are experienced in safe nail trimming on dogs and cats. We’ll safely trim and grind your pet's nails - even the difficult pets.     

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White dog receiving a haircut.

Flea and Tick Treatment

At Barkers Grooming Spa we can safely and effortlessly rid your pet of unwanted fleas and ticks. After the refreshing bath treatment, your pet will feel like new. Price $26. Flea and tick preventative treatment can be applied at customers request for an additional fee.    

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Mud Bath Treatment

A holistic way to improve a pet’s coat, prevent and heal hot spots, and help with aching joints or excess shedding. At Barkers we use Madra Mor MUD to make your pet feel his/her best. Price $16 - $32

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Pet Expressions

From colored poodle pom-poms & stylish mohawks to fancy bows & painted nails, our creative groomers will make your pet look like a rock star! Call for pricing inquiry.

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Black and white cat being shaved

Cat Grooming

Experienced and professional grooming experts will wash, dry, and groom your cat using stress-free methods. Grooming your cats on a regular basis will minimize shedding and prevent matting in long-coat breeds. Price $90     

Walk-ins are welcome

Our Salon & Spa

We Love to Pamper

We Love to Pamper!

Regular trimming of hair and nails are an important part of a hygiene routine that helps your pet stay in top shape and contributes to his/her overall good health. Our professional groomers here at Barkers Pet Center can answer any of your questions you have about pampering your pets.

Your Pets are Like Family

Your Pets are Like Family!

We are devoted to making your pets happy! We provide the safest, most compassionate, and engaging atmosphere for your dogs and cats. We know that every pet has its own unique personality and we get to know your pet on a personal basis!

Quality Salon Products

Quality Salon Products

Our experienced, professional groomers have an eye for perfection. We only use holistic shampoos, creams, and rinses and they are always eco-friendly products.