Group Canine Training Classes

Group Canine Training Classes - 3 Levels 

The Barkers University offers unique Group Canine Training Classes to start your dog or puppy on the right track. Group training programs start every week. Our four-month training program consists of 3 levels of training, thereby providing results that will exceed your expectations. Your dog and you will progress from level 1 to 3; classes are held in our two large air-conditioned training rooms. We offer Saturday classes from 11AM to 2PM.

Group Canine Training Classes—3 Levels 


 Level 1 Group Class (Saturday 11am )

  • Sit
  • Down
  • Come when called
  • Introduction to “Place” Command
  • Walk on loose leash


Level 2 Group Class (Saturday 12pm)

  • Sit & Down while owner walks around
  • Get on the “Place” command
  • Heels on preferred side going clockwise and counter clockwise
  • Recall from the end of leash
  • Automatic sit when owner comes to halt
  • Sit stay at the end of the leash
  • “Leave It” command

Level 3 Group Class (Saturday 1pm)

  • Stays on the “Place” command with distractions
  • Recall to a sit front Heels on preferred side with pace changes
  • Sit and Down stays at the end of a 16 or 26 foot flexie
  • Sit from a down
  • Sit and down in motion
  • Heels on preferred side with pace changes and halts
  • Working around distractions
  • “Leave It” command and sit and wait for food bowl